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We’ve designed a Hovering Smartphone Case. Experience Hands-Free communication, pictures and video functionality using a compact, durable and foldable Drone-Phone Case. Please focus on holding your Smartphone fully extended out in front of you positioned to take a “Selfie” pic of yourself, your family or anything you want to capture. PhoneQuad functionality is incredible! Let go of your Smartphone and it will stay exactly where it is, hovering in mid-air. We’re currently working with an incredible team of Aerospace Engineers regarding our hardware and software initiatives. PhoneQuad.
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7 ,300 m

Smartphones in the world as on December, 2021

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We have a very diverse design suited for your lifestyle

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Neil Lesher
Managing Partner
Farouk Khailann
Corporate Advisory Board
Arijit Bhattacharyya
Pearlie Batts
Sales Director
Cameron Davids
Caelie Britton
LeshTronix Corp. is a UAV/Drone Technology Company, headquartered in Westchester County, NY. Neil Lesher is Founder & CEO, who is also the Inventor of the PhoneQuad platform. I have a lifetime of electronics experience as well as a committed and focused member of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Tech sector.
I have decades of IT experience in the Investment Banking/FinTech sector.

*Arijit Bhattacharyya leads our Corporate Advisory Board

*Farouk Khailann Takes Managing Partner role at LeshTronix

1. Hundreds of millions of people globally use various video conferencing platforms. PhoneQuad enables Hands-Free communication in the most disruptive way.
2. HEALTHCARE! Millions of people suffer from Arthritis and other Hand related medical conditions. When using PhoneQuad, all they need to do is open the flaps and let go of their phone for a hands-free comfortable conversation with friends and family... PhoneQuad will set them Free.
3. The “Selfie Stick” is obsolete. Most pics taken with the selfie stick has that person’s arm extended and the stick in the picture as well.
4. When PhoneQuad is in use…families, friends and parties of all kinds can now take their time to set up and stage the perfect picture, video or video conversation they want to experience.
5. In my collection of family photos, I’m not in many pictures because I’m usually the person taking the pictures. This will no longer be necessary. Position PhoneQuad to the desired elevation or background and use voice commands: “Take Pic”, “Zoom In, “Zoom Out”, “Take Video”, Stop Video”, “Call Mom” etc.
6. As the Parent of an athletic child, we spend many weekends at the sports field taking pics and videos, always with my arm fully extended and tired. Position PhoneQuad toward the field, focus and let go. Now you can sit in your chair, watch the game and never miss an important play with PhoneQuad in action.
7. We’re selling into the Global Smartphone user Community, one of the most successful sectors within consumer electronics in modern history.
8. We fully intend to implement "Follow-Me" technology as well as other patented state-of-the-art utilities.
9. Proprietary Voice Recognition Software: We’ll be coding our own version of VRS.
10. We have multiple Design & Utility Patents Pending.
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