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We’ve designed a Hovering Smartphone Case. Experience Hands-Free communication, pictures and video functionality using a compact, durable and foldable Drone-Phone Case. Please focus on holding your Smartphone fully extended out in front of you positioned to take a “Selfie” pic of yourself, your family or anything you want to capture. PhoneQuad functionality is incredible! Let go of your Smartphone and it will stay exactly where it is, hovering in mid-air. We’re currently working with an incredible team of Aerospace Engineers regarding our hardware and software initiatives. PhoneQuad.
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7 ,300 m

Smartphones in the world as on December, 2021

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We have a very diverse design suited for your lifestyle

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Director, Global marketing and Social media
Jerin Hossain
Executive Advisory Board Member
Richard DiPilla
Managing Partner
Farouk Khailann
Corporate Advisory Board
Arijit Bhattacharyya
Pearlie Batts
Sales Director
Cameron Davids
Caelie Britton
LeshTronix Corp. is a UAV/Drone Technology Company, headquartered in Westchester County, NY. Neil Lesher is Founder & CEO, who is also the Inventor of the PhoneQuad platform. I have a lifetime of electronics experience as well as a committed and focused member of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Tech sector.
I have decades of IT experience in the Investment Banking/FinTech sector.

*Arijit Bhattacharyya leads our Corporate Advisory Board

*Farouk Khailann Takes Managing Partner role at LeshTronix

1. Hundreds of millions of people globally use various video conferencing platforms. PhoneQuad enables Hands-Free communication in the most disruptive way.
2. HEALTHCARE! Millions of people suffer from Arthritis and other Hand related medical conditions. When using PhoneQuad, all they need to do is open the flaps and let go of their phone for a hands-free comfortable conversation with friends and family... PhoneQuad will set them Free.
3. The “Selfie Stick” is obsolete. Most pics taken with the selfie stick has that person’s arm extended and the stick in the picture as well.
4. When PhoneQuad is in use…families, friends and parties of all kinds can now take their time to set up and stage the perfect picture, video or video conversation they want to experience.
5. In my collection of family photos, I’m not in many pictures because I’m usually the person taking the pictures. This will no longer be necessary. Position PhoneQuad to the desired elevation or background and use voice commands: “Take Pic”, “Zoom In, “Zoom Out”, “Take Video”, Stop Video”, “Call Mom” etc.
6. As the Parent of an athletic child, we spend many weekends at the sports field taking pics and videos, always with my arm fully extended and tired. Position PhoneQuad toward the field, focus and let go. Now you can sit in your chair, watch the game and never miss an important play with PhoneQuad in action.
7. We’re selling into the Global Smartphone user Community, one of the most successful sectors within consumer electronics in modern history.
8. We fully intend to implement "Follow-Me" technology as well as other patented state-of-the-art utilities.
9. Proprietary Voice Recognition Software: We’ll be coding our own version of VRS.
10. We have multiple Design & Utility Patents Pending.
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The Team

Neil Lesher, Founder and CEO of LeshTronix Drone Systems LLC, a New York based UAV/Drone Technology Company. Serial Entrepreneur, I developed and exited multiple Retail (Brick & Mortar) businesses as well as successfully launched and operating a Fin-Tech Consulting company. I have decades of I.T. experience in the Investment Banking/Tech sector. My professional background as a Sr. Market Data Business Analyst encompasses Market Data software/Hardware, Real-Time Data Feeds, software packaging/testing, cost analysis reporting, Trade Desk support, Exchange relations, audits & compliance initiatives, strategic selling and enterprise wide project management expertise.

As our Executive Team grows, we are extremely fortunate to have have Farouk Khailann join as Managing Partner of LeshTronix Drone Systems.

Farouk Khailann is an African Entrepreneur with a strong commitment to Africa’s economic growth. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Premium Africa Holdings, an Africa focused investment holding company with assets and projects in Ghana, Liberia, Gambia and Sierra Leone. The company operates in the areas of construction, agribusiness, financial technology, real estate, energy and investment consultancy.

  • In March 2019, Premium Africa Holdings established its presence in UAE as consultants to various individuals and organizations in facilitating trade and investment between UAE and Africa.
  • Managing partner of American music star Akon for his Akon Lighting Africa project. . Farouk Khailann is also actively involved in the financial technology industry. He is a shareholder and Senior Vice President at Ezipay Africa, one of Africa’s fastest growing FinTech’s and partner at Paygenie, a micro credit fintech in Ghana that works in partnership with Zenith Bank and Hollard insurance.
  • Holds a number of international appointments. He is the Deputy Executive Director of Global Chamber of Business Leaders, Jury Member of US$1M Hult Prize Start-up Challenge, Strategic Advisor to Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi in Dubai, Member of Global Investors Committee at World Angel Business Investment Forum, Africa Chapter President of Asia CEO Community,  Senior Advisor of Unimeier University (Italy), Board Member of UK- Liberia Chamber of Commerce, and Vice Chairman of African Institute of Small Scale Mining.
  • Currently works closely with the offices of five African Presidents on various interventions geared towards the economic transformation of their respective countries.
  • Recipient of various awards. He was awarded African Business Leader of the year at the 28th edition of World HRD Awards in India in 2020, named among other young enterprising Ghanaian entrepreneurs as Top 50 Young CEOs of 2020,  decorated as a Pan African Business Icon of the year at the 2020 edition of Ghana Youth Excellence Awards, named by the West Africa Leadership Development Centre as one of the top ten emerging leaders in West Africa and adjudged the young entrepreneur of the year for 2019, awarded the Order of the Noble Hand of Honor by the Pan African Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development Centre in September 2019, alongside the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia and other global leaders. Farouk Khailann was also adjudged the best consultant for 2019 at the 40 under 40 awards, one of Ghana’s most competitive award schemes.

We are Honored to have Arijit Bhattacharyya on our Corporate Advisory Board. With a Master of Computer Science Degree and Bachelor Degrees in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics and Political Science from the University of Calcutta, Arijit is a technologist and serial entrepreneur. He Founded Virtualinfocom (VIC) in 1998. As one of India’s first and leading technology companies, VIC is known for many innovations in IT solutions, game development, AI, ML, blockchain solutions, VR, AR, XR & animation. VIC has produced more than 470+ games and VR, AR, XR app and Blockchain solutions and as an institute produced more than 5,000+ skilled programmers and designers that work with some of the most renowned technology organizations in the world. Arijit also serves as Director of Innovation for Maxcap, a global investment firm that manages investment portfolios valuing over $2.6 Billion, assisting sustainable international projects in innovative technologies, property development, natural foods and beverages, and the fashion, sports and entertainment industries.

Jerin Hossain

For over 20 years, Jerin Hossain has been an entrepreneur, mentor and social media powerhouse. She has built a reputation as a trusted influencer with over 1.1 million followers on LinkedIn alone.
She’s the Founder and CEO of Checkmate Fashion and an apparel designer at heart.
Jerin is passionate and focused on connecting global investors to help grow the international business presence in the Bangladesh region.
She has worked with organizations such as Gap, Walmart, Old Navy, H&M and Pepe Jeans by providing them with the best apparel and mechanizing needs from Bangladesh while setting up business ideas for local merchants.
Jerin is an advocate for Women Empowerment and works with local shelters to assist Females in need.
Her mission in life is to empower as many people as possible through her influence and give them a glimpse of hope for a positive future.
LeshTronix is honored to have Jerin on our team as Director of Global Marketing & social media. Her focus and drive will help our company to become a globally recognized and respected brand.


Richard DiPilla

Past Co-Founder and CEO Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation (Retired)

After four decades in media marketing and management, Richard retired in November of 2018 to continue his oversight of The Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation. Starting in December of 2013, the GGAF has recognized ordinary people throughout the world who are living a life that includes humanitarian purposes.

In September of 2018, the GGA petitioned to be recognized as a non-profit 501©3 Foundation headquartered in the State of Minnesota in the United States. The Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation now boasts over 19,000 members in 215 nations and territories.

A global board, and individual country chapters, share information, ideas, and create local initiatives, to spread goodwill around the world.

The concept of unity provides members with a diverse collaborative collective. The foundation adheres to three basic tenets: No bias, no hate speech, and no politics. The focus is on the value of the human spirit and goodwill as it’s primary commodity.

Richard’s vision was to unite the worlds largest collective of individuals who make their communities, countries, and the world a better place.