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Date: July 5, 2022
PhoneQuad Drone Concept Takes Flight as Hovering “Selfie Stick”

Startup LeshTronix Drone Systems is leveraging drone technology to take the “selfie-stick” to a new altitude with PhoneQuad.

The company recently announced the conceptual launch of PhoneQuad, a hovering phone case that—once developed using proprietary drone hardware and software—will allow users to take photos hands free while PhoneQuad stays aloft. The quad-rotor design pushes air down, lifting the PhoneQuad. Users let the case go and it hovers in a stable flight. PhoneQuad has multiple design and utility patents pending as well.

Although not designed to function like a drone that flies around, PhoneQuad instead serves as a kind of hovering selfie stick compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones. Using voice-recognition software, PhoneQuad will be designed to obey verbal commands using microphone-equipped earbuds via Bluetooth.

“I conceptualized the idea for PhoneQuad when my father developed arthritis and could no longer comfortably handle his iPhone,” LeshTronix CEO and Founder Neil Lesher said. “When my Dad got frustrated, I thought about how amazing it would be if he could have a hands-free, hovering FaceTime call with my kids. And so, PhoneQuad was born and I then quickly realized the many use cases there could be.”

Lesher envisions a product that allows families, friends and partygoers of all kinds the time to set up and stage the perfect picture, video or video conversation to create a new level of personal interaction.

“In my collection of family photos, I’m not in many pictures because I’m usually the person taking the pictures,” Lesher joked. “This will no longer be necessary with PhoneQuad. Users will be able to position PhoneQuad to the desired elevation or background and use voice commands to zoom, begin and stop videos or snap photos.

LeshTronix is working with the engineering team from xCraft.io to develop the hardware and software prototype. For now, Lesher and company are seeking seed funding to advance prototype development. Since the emergence of consumer/commercial drone tech over the past decade, VC investment in unmanned aerial systems is booming.

“We’ve seen major players like Amazon, Google and Intel invest heavily in drone tech,” Lesher said. “That level of investment has really gotten the VC community’s attention and I believe PhoneQuad is going to generate a lot of buzz that will translate into a robust funding round.”

“We are incredibly excited to be among the pioneers of the drone sector, changing the way the world views, uses and benefits from autonomous technology in many forms,” Lesher said. “PhoneQuad will allow the global smartphone user community to truly ‘Let Go’ of their phones for an awe-inspiring and literally hands-free conversation, picture and video experience.”

PhoneQuad Drone Concept Takes Flight as Hovering “Selfie Stick” – DRONELIFE


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